Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016

[Summer Nails] Watermelon Sorbet

Hallo meine Lieben,
lange ist es her... Viel zu lange! Ich glaube mein letztes Nageldesign habe ich vor 4 Monaten kreiert.
Mein Auslandspraktikum lies leider keine Zeit zu und seitdem ich in Deutschland bin, bin ich entweder mit der neuen Wohnung, Papierkram oder Uni beschäftigt.
Aber es waren wundervolle Monate und ich werde auf jeden Fall noch ein paar Blogposts zu Vietnam verfassen.

Zurück zum Nageldesign.
Da das Wetter wieder etwas schöner wurde, entschied ich mich für ein fruchtiges Motiv.
Wassermelonen sind (neben Erdbeeren) meine absoluten Lieblingsfrüchte. Da ich das Pink nicht allzu intensiv wollte, habe ich den Lack mit einem Make-up-Schwämmchen auf meine Nägel getupft. Über dem Pink kam dann noch eine Schicht von essies Sugar Daddy. Das Wassermelonenmotiv kam hier im Stil des einer Half-moon Maniküre zum ausdruck. Sowohl die grüne, als auch die weiße Farbe sind Acrylfarben. Für die Akzentnägel kam lediglich eine Schicht Sugar Daddy, sowie etwas Silberglitzer und Steinchen in Rot, Pink und Grün zum Einsatz., das ganze auch im Stile der Halbmond Maniküre.

Ich hoffe sehr euch gefällt das Design!
Mir sagt vor allem zu, dass das Pink etwas "leichter" wirkt, wie Sorbet eben.
Das nächste Design trage ich schon auf den Fingern und muss nur noch ein paar Fotos schießen. Ich werd mein bestes Versuchen, um wieder etwas mehr zu bloggen.
Bis dahin, genießt das schöne Wetter (^_^)b
essie sugar daddy - essie watermelon
Hello my lovelies,
It's been a long time... Way too long actually! I think the last nail design I've created was about 4 months ago. My internship aroad, as well as moving out and university didn't let me breath for a second the past months. But I had wonderful months and will surely blog about Vietnam as well in the near future. 

Back to the nail design.
Since the weather is a lot more beatiful now, I've decided to go wih something fruity.
Watermelons are (apart from strawberries) my favorite fruits. I didn't want the pink polish to be too intense, so I dab the polish with a make up sponge on to my nails. Over the pink I've also applied one coat of essie's sugar daddy. The watermelon design is done like a half moon manicure. For the green, as well as the white parts I used acrylic paints. On my accent nails I wear one coat of sugar daddy, applied with silver glitter and rhinestones in red, pink and green. The accent nails are also in the manner of a half moon manicure.

I hope you like the design!
I especially like that the pink is not too intense, just like sorbet.
Next nail art is already on my nails, only have to take some pictures. I will try my best to blog more often from now on.
Until then, enjoy the lovely weather! (^_^)b

yummy watermelon nails for summer *0*

Samstag, 2. April 2016

Yupio - Homemade Cafe, Hanoi

In my last post I talked about studying at Cafés here in Hanoi.
Well, forget that part for today.

Today I'd like to show you one of the cutest (if no THE cutest) Cafés here in Hanoi, the Yupio.
I came upon this Café via Instagram a while back and made a screenshot, so that I can find it when I come to Vietnam. Definitely easier said than done! It lies at Ngõ 20B Núi Trúc, which means it's not in the High Street. Núi Trúc is not too far away from my place, at least by motorbike. I couldn't have reached it by walking. So if you're staying somewhere near the Old Quarter, keep that in mind. 
Yupio Café looks like a mom-and-pop shop and I was so impressed by all the details. The furnishing is very tastefully. Asians tend to overdo it, especially when it comes to cute stuffs. But this Café feels all around perfect to me. I liked the plants there, the notes, the blackboards... And since it isn't in the high street, the Café is rather quiet, which fits perfectly to the whole theme of it. 
And the main reason why I wanted to visit this Café: their menu!
I always wanted to make those flower pot cakes myself and the pictures on IG looked too good. Also, what's the deal with this cotton candy drinks?

My cousin and I ordered two flower pot cakes, which were Tiramisu cakes. I also had a Matcha-Cookie ice drink and my cousin had... I forgot that xD Nothing with matcha though. The owner asked us if we wanted to have cotton candies to our drinks as well. Because we already ordered the cakes and our drinks are rather sweet too, we thought it would be better to order only one cotton candy. I mean, even though I love everything sweet, there is still a limit to what I can handle at a time. But basically you can order your cotton candy to every drink.
Their Tiramisu was very yummy, though it was less flavored than Tiramisus in Europe. Still delish though! The matcha drink was ok. I figured out that I don't like the matcha they use here in Vietnam too much (there are exceptions!) so, yeah. The cotton candy was suprisingly good. At least as good as cotton candies can be haha It wasn't too sweet and just a nice snack while talking.
Flower Pot Cake - Tiramisu
Too cute to eat. - So true!

This Café is a 5 out of 5 in my opinion. I really liked the details they put in here and the cakes are very good as well. The staff/owner is nice and friendly, though I don't think that she can speak English. But ordering shouldn't be much of a problem still.
Everything is super cute, from the Café itself to their cakes to their drinks (get that cotton candy and take pictures!!) Of course I could have sit and study here as well. But first, it's too far to reach by just walking and second, believe me, you need someone to be excited with about this place ^3^

Yupio - Homemade Cafe
Đầu ngõ 20B Núi Trúc, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Phone: +84 99 366 33 03
Open from 9am to 10:30pm 
Facebook: here
Instagram: here 

Samstag, 26. März 2016

The Note Coffee, Hanoi

They were even waving haha

During my stay in Hanoi I still have to write two papers for university. It’s been hard for me to study at home though, there’s no place to sit and study actually and as much as I love my family, they’ve been quite distracting to me as well.
What to do? 
Well, I’m spending my days at random Cafés in order to read through my books. Not ideal but the best solution at the moment. In search of Cafés to hang around I found some reviews about The Note Coffee. It’s right at the Hoan Kiem Lake, not far from my place, and the reviews were quite good too. Last week I finally gave it a try.
2nd floor
Located at 64 Lương Văn Can, it’s not very difficult to find. The Café consists of three floors, you order at the main floor and then you can go upstairs and a waiter will bring you your order. 

The concept of this Café is simple but effective in my opinion. They just decorated the whole Café with Post-its. Seriously, they are everywhere! It makes the Café look a bit stuffed but nevertheless it’s very cute and for western eyes it’s definitely something “special” I’d say (haven’t seen any of that in Europe at least. But then again, we don’t have many themed Cafés, do we?).

Das Chili war aus.. wait what?

I ordered a Matcha Iced Frappuccino and a Red Velvet cake. The drink came with a note and I thought that was very sweet. Of course, they don’t write every single customer an individual note but they still make you feel good. It’s a psychological thing…

As sweet as the note was, well, so were the drink and the cake. A bit too sweet for my taste to be honest. The red velvet cake was really soft but I didn’t enjoy the butter cream (cream cheese?). I asked the waiter for a cup of water then, which he brought me immediately (for free).
Speaking of, the staff are super nice! They seem to be very young though. Well, not that that’s a problem, just something I’ve noticed haha. The waiter asked me for a picture (I guess for their social media). Usually I wouldn’t mind that kind of stuff but I was sick at that time and had a long day at school (internship), so I said no.
The waiter(s) also make the effort to talk to you a little bit and their English is quite fluent. 

Overall I liked the concept. Just a pity that my drink and cake were too sweet but maybe I shouldn’t have ordered a cake with as sweet drink to begin with. Since I still have some time left in Hanoi I might visit The Note again and try their fruit juices. I've also heard that their coffee is really delish, too.  

What do you think? 
Claustrophobic or just insanely cute? 
Tradition and modernity go hand in hand here

The Note Coffee
64 Lương Văn Can, Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Phone: +84 4 3938 0468
Open from 6:30am to 11pm